Monday, September 12, 2005

For the Good of the Game

The FIFA World Congress met today in their fortress of solitude and decided to form a task force. This task force will take on "match-fixing, doping, racism and other 'menaces' threatening the game" and will be available to get stuck kittens out of trees.

All joking aside, the creation of this task force was approved 198-1 and has been given the name "For the Good of the Game." In addition to the issues mentioned above, this task force will also deal with issues such as "the decreasing number of homegrown players, political interference, autonomous leagues and multi-ownership of clubs."

The homegrown players issue will be an interesting one for them to tackle. On one side, you don't want to see all the best players go to just a few "super leagues", but how can you tell a great player that he needs forgo a big paycheck in order to grow the game on his home turf. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

As far as doping is concerned, the World Anti-Doping Agency has urged FIFA to accept two-year bans for serious offenses, but FIFA boss Sepp Blatter disagreed. He said ""We are leaders in sports medicine research. We were front-runners in the fight against doping. We are fighting against doping. But we are accused (by WADA) with every name."

It is good that these issues are being raised, I just hope this task force tries to deal with them seriously.


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