Friday, September 23, 2005

US U-17s Find Their Point

Well it was not a good game by the young national team, but they still came out with a tie and thus the top seed in Group C.

America got going early when Jeremy Hall got a goal in the fifth minute, but it was a pretty balanced match for the rest of the half. However, in the second 45, the US seemed to drop a gear while Ivory Coast picked up speed. America was able to resist, but then a second yellow card sent Amaechi Igwe off in the 85th. Almost immediately, the 'Baby Elephants' took advantage of his absent on the left side. Striker Salka Bamba took a nice corner kick and popped it into goal, right where Igwe should have been.

For the final 5 minutes of the game, the US was just trying to stop a second goal. The Ivory Coast had a great many chances, but the Red, White and Blue were able to keep the ball out of the netting. It was not a nice showing, but it still got them their point.

In other Group C news, North Korea and Italy tied at 1 each, so North Korea will advance.

Group C Final Standings
Team (GD) Pts
USA (+3) 7
N Korea (+2) 4
Italy (-1) 4
Ivory Coast (-4) 1

The US will face the number two team from Group D, while North Korea will get the first place team.

In Group D, Gambia plays Netherlands and Qatar plays Brazil. Both matches start at 6:15pm CST. Here are the standings
Group D Standings
Team (GD) Pts
Gambia (+4) 6
Netherlands (+1) 3
Brazil (-1) 3
Qatar (-4) 0


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