Tuesday, August 09, 2005

No place to call home for Owen while Beckham plans his retirement

So it looks like Man United are not interested in Michael Owen after all. With them out of the picture, Owen's options are few. He might move to Newcastle, but they will not be playing in Europe this year. That said, is it better to play a lot for a so-so team or next to none for a great team? If Owen does move to a club like Newcastle it will be in the hopes of something bigger next year. For a great take on Owen's troubles, read this article from the Guardian.

As for Beckham, he seems interested in finish up his career in Madrid. His spokesman has indicated that a deal should be reached this year that will keep the world's most famous soccer play with Real till he hangs up his cleats. As this article points out, his "...contract will be more complicated than most players' because there will be so many clauses and details regarding image rights and marketing rights."

Two very different tales indeed.



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