Sunday, July 31, 2005

East Asian Football Federation Championship begins

On the opening day of the East Asian Football Federation Championship, North Korea surprised a much higher ranked Japanese side by winning 1-0. The hero for the North Korean's was Kim Yong Jun who hammered home a ball in the 27th minutes after Yuji Nakazawa failed to clear it. The victory was all the sweeter for the Koreans after being eliminated for the 2006 World Cup by Japan last month.

In the other match of the day, South Korea and China tied 1 each. China took an early lead, but South Korea was able to make a come back half way through the second half.

The tournament continues tomorrow when the women's side take the field.

By the way, the men teams are competing for $500,000 while the women will get $50,000 for the victory.


Anonymous metformina 850 said...

$500,000 versus $50,000 is a big difference.

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