Friday, August 12, 2005

Great bio piece on Eddie Johnson

Todd Archer of the Dallas Morning News as a wonderful piece on FC Dallas and US National Eddie Johnson. If you don't know Eddie's story, take a few minutes and give this a read. Here is a little teaser for you:

"He's also one of the richest. Not long after rejecting a reported $5 million bid for Johnson from Portuguese power Benfica, MLS raised his salary by nearly 1,000 percent, to $875,000 yearly. (The league owns all player contracts.) Only Los Angeles' Landon Donovan, perhaps the biggest American soccer star, is paid more at $900,000.

Few doubt that more lucrative offers from Europe are forthcoming. "Everything Eddie wants will come to him in time," FC Dallas general manager Greg Elliott said.

Heady stuff for a young man from the northern Florida town of Bunnell, where most kids did not dream of becoming soccer players. Johnson took to the sport at age 9, but only after two friends started playing. Those friends now "aren't doing anything. They're getting into trouble, that's what they're doing," Johnson said.

Soccer quickly changed Johnson's life. The sport introduced him to Bob Sawyer, who was his first coach and soon filled in as the father Johnson never had growing up. They remain close."

When your done there, you can skip on over to their FC Dallas update page.

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