Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Donovan still interested in EPL

Yanks Abroad reports that Landon Donovan's agent failed to deny a Sky Sports report concerning a possible move by the American to the EPL.

They then report this:
Donovan was recently quoted by the English media giant as saying, "The older I get and the more I play, the more I'm yearning for that highest level I can play at."

"I think the Premiership would be the best place the play."
Sounds pretty exciting and it has caused a bit of a buzz on the internet, however, the quote is actually almost a year old.

There is another part from the interview last year that was missed this time around: "At the moment I'm happy here (LA), at least for the next few years with Dave (Beckham) here. I want to be a part of this too. Not many people get to be a part of this, so I want to live it."

I bring up the fact that this is an old quote not because it means it is no longer valid or that a move will not happen, just to give it a context.

So what will happen with Donovan?

Well he is in a bit of a bind. LA doesn't want to let him go because they want a championship this year and without him, it probably is not going to happen. That would seem to suggest a delay in any move till December, however that means coming in halfway through the EPL season, which will make starts even harder to obtain, which could effect his build up to 2010 (not to mention his availability for qualifiers).

That said, it is time for him to return to Europe and see what he can accomplish. His work over the past six-months has been some of his best and if he is ever to reach the heights we all want him to, he needs to move.

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Blogger introdor said...

Has any club from the Premiership actually pubically stated they want to bring Donavan back to the UK?
Didn't see the report on Sky Sports but with the quote being nearly a year old, it all seems a little strange!
Rik, The Soccer Blogger
English Premier League

1:22 AM  
Blogger kovo said...

Didn't donovan leave on a sour note. Not wuite sure if the feelings from the EPL have subsided?


1:44 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

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8:22 PM  
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Anonymous Sebastian said...

Hi, I am not sure if Donovan would make it in a decent EPL team. He didn't played that great when he was on a loan with Bayern Munich. But good luck to his next try in Europe.


1:02 AM  
Anonymous SoccerLimey said...

Donovan will struggle in England because of the pace of play . The MLS is pedestrian in comparison . Dempsey made the switch but it took time and he is a much harder worker on the field than he was before playing with Fulham .

Everton don't have a long-passer like beckham so most of donovan's work will come from short passing opportunities around the box . He needs time to set before shooting which he wont get in the Premier League . he will have to defend as most outside midfielders have to help out their full backs with opposition wingers.

It will be a test for him.

9:44 PM  
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Anonymous Dylan Tooby said...

Donavon needs to stay in the EPL. I realize all you Yanks don't wont to let your beloved superstar go, but he is too good to play in the MLS.

He needs to test himself at a higher level. In the end it will only be better for the US national team and US players in general.

When the world sees the talent that is present in the US, they will be more likely to come here for scouting.

2:52 PM  
Blogger TheSportsReviewMan said...

Donavon is a great player and he showed that he can play in the EPL when he was on loan at Everton in the 09/10 season. Check out my blog on other reviews on European soccer! www.thesportsreviewman.blogspot.com

8:40 AM  
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Anonymous search engine optimiztion said...

It is very unfortunate...... behaving like this (throughing Beckham out of national team)with such a great player....
i will not give my support to this nor the Beckham's fans....

4:54 AM  
Anonymous http://www.datecover.com said...

Problem with Donovan is that the USA knows that Donovan is their best player. This means he would have to garner a MASSIVE transfer fee. Even in this economy, EPL clubs would not pay out exhorbant prices

5:15 PM  
Anonymous razz said...

Im surprised that no one signed him even though he performed well in the world cup and it a good football player. Read more blogs at FM Crowd

11:54 PM  
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