Friday, June 27, 2008

Asain 2010 World Cup Qualifying final group draw

The two groups have been drawn for Asia's final round of World Cup Qualification. Each group has five teams with the top two from each group advancing to South Africa. The third place teams in the groups will meet in a two-legged playoff with the winner playing the champion of Oceania.

Here are the two groups:
Group A

Group B
South Korea
Saudi Arabia
North Korea

Although both groups have their difficulties, it looks to me like Group B is the tougher one since three of the teams made it to Germany in 2006 (S Korea, Iran & Saudi Arabia), plus North Korea is always capable of a surprise.

Group A seems designed perfectly for Australia and Japan to make it through.

Group play starts on 6 Sept and runs through 17 June 2009.

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Iran, Australia and Qatar will probably make it through. But NOTH KOREA WILL DEFINATELY MAKE IT THROUGH as they cam 4th in the world cup once. Just a thought.

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