Tuesday, July 22, 2008

DC-Houston game postponed again

DC United vs Houston Dynamo
4 June
22 July
23 July?

Why is it that these two clubs can't get this game played? Last month is was rain that canceled it and tonight it is a lack of power. For the second time in about a week, RFK is having power issues and according to the Dynamo's blog, it will prevent the game from taking place tonight.

Instead, the two teams will try to get this game out of the way tomorrow evening, the night before the All-Star game.

I do not see any official report over this, so perhaps the Dynamo front office is wrong or maybe jumping the gun. Anyway, with the game suppose to start in about 4 hours, United better act fast to get the word out or else they might have some upset fans in the parking lot.

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Blogger kovo said...

I would really love to watch this match. I hope that they can get it together.


1:53 PM  
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Anonymous Nael said...

Good point! Well maybe it can't be organized, maybe theres no pitch for them to play in? Maybe they don't have a big enough croud!? Maybe theres still stuff happening in between them, like ac milan and los angeles galaxy. they can't get a deal between eachother to get david becham. maybe theres something like that happening between them.

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