Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2008 MLS Power Ratings - Week 4

Four weeks in and the East dominates the ratings, however it is a team from the West that holds the top spot. Will this continue? Week 5 gives us 5 games between the conferences, which will either solidify these numbers or throw everything out of whack. Anyway, here are the ratings as I see them:

1. FC Dallas - The fact that they are the only undefeated team in the league is not the main reason they top the list for me, instead it has to do with their defense. What, FCD has defense? That's a new tradition. Anyway, the team has only given up four goals from 4 matches. Since 3 came against Houston, that means Dallas is doing something special most of the time. Then again, this might just be another quick start only to see it all turn to dust come August.

2. Kansas City Wizards - They ate up the stink that was Chicago over the weekend, but they really should have found a way to get another goal, which seems to be a common issue. It only takes one to win, but it sure makes it stressful.

3. Columbus Crew - Much like Dallas, the defense in Columbus is proving to be a pleasant surprise. This combined with their solid work up top could make them something to watch. Now fans just need to show up to watch them.

4. Chicago Fire - It is almost like 2007 in review. With the big win against the Revs the exception, 1-goal games are their trademark. That means some strong defense but it is at the cost of creativity in the attack. The Fire have yet to show who will save the team when Blanco is off.

5. New England Revolution - Fighting back against the Bulls a man down is an impressive show, but they still look out of sink. The midfield is missing firing in a way I haven't seen in a number of years.

6. Colorado Rapids - One weak something to watch, the next garbage. If they repeat their 'style' from Saturday night again, look for Fernando Clavijo to finally go.

7. Toronto FC - Two wins in a row give them something big, but they collapsed in the second half against Real and their offense still needs help.

8. New York Red Bull - The Jozy goal is one for the ages but the other 89 minutes were worth forgetting. Okay, that is not a true statement, but New York again found a way to give away points. With little attack coming out of the midfield, the Bulls are hurting up top.

9. Real Salt Lake - They should have walked out of Canada with a point as they owned the second half. Still, their play is looking positive and they are creating chances, now if they could just finish a few more of them.

10. Chivas USA - Defensive mistakes are killing this club and making Brad Guzan's life hell. Maybe if the injury bug stays away for a bit, things will improve, but right now the golden goats look made of tin.

11. Los Angeles Galaxy - The Beckham-Donovan teaming is paying off but their defense is shoddy and they have no options off the bench. They might make for some fun games, but they are far from the top of MLS.

12. San Jose Earthquakes - If have been impressed with this expansion side as they have been the better side for the last two games thanks in large part to Ronnie O'Brien and Ryan Cochrane. If these two stay healthy, the 'Quakes might not end up the worst team in the league.

13. Houston Dynamo - Last year's defensive giant looks mighty small these days. Not holding a lead is very bad. We all focused so much on the Dynamo's offensive hurt during the off-season, maybe we missed what was going on in back. If there is something good for the team, they have only played one of their four games so far at home.

14. DC United - They might just have the best technical skills in the league, but they are disorganized in the final third of attack. Their final third of defense isn't that wonderful either. But much like last season, only an idiot would count United out at this point.

And that's the week as I knew it.

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After 3 years of crap it seems more likely that W-470 will get built before Clavijo is fired.

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