Wednesday, March 26, 2008

US-Poland starting lineup

Here is the official lineup for the US:


Cherundolo----Onyewu----Bocanegra (c)-------Pearce



Donovan over on the left to help Pearce out is a smart move by Bob Bradley, however it will probably force Donovan into more of a defensive, less wondering style of game.

Ching getting the start, didn't see that one coming. Look for Clark and Bradley to aim more then a few balls in the air his way. It will be interesting to see how the Hawaiian does in the snow of Poland.

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Anonymous chus said...

Hello, I'm from Spain. Maybe you don't understand me because my English isn't very good. But, anyway, I want to ask you about US team: you have won Poland, ¿do you think US is improving a lot? ¿Do you think in South Africa 2010 they'll make a good tournament? The lineup seems very good, but the scorers have been two defenders, ¿do Us have goal?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...



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