Friday, April 18, 2008

Israel's top defender now appreciates his time with the Colorado Rapids

When Dedi Ben-Dayan returned to Israel (link in Hebrew) in August of 2006, he called his time in America a waste stating that didn't feel he had improved as a player. However the past few seasons have changed his tone as he now sees is two-years in MLS 'as one of the best experiences of (his) career.'
"For me it was the best time to move and Colorado was the best team to move to. I needed some time for myself and in the States, unlike in Israel, players have their space. No one bothers you too much," he tells The Jerusalem Post on Thursday. "I miss it. Because over there you feel free and play without any distractions from outside."

After playing for five clubs in Israel as well as Colorado Ben-Dayan admits he has matured into a well-rounded player, and person, and attributes much of that change to his time playing for Uruguayan coach Fernando Clavijo at INVESCO Field.
There's little doubt now that the American experience helped Ben-Dayan. Since moving to Netanya he has become one of the outstanding defenders in the country and the first choice left back in Dror Kashtan's national team.
Ben-Dayan was a bright spot for the Rapids during his time in the league and it is good to know that he now feels it was also a good thing for him.

On his main point, it is a bit ironic that one of the main signs of soccer's low place in the American sports scene, the lack of heavy media coverage, is also one of the best selling points to many foreign players (especially those still developing).

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