Friday, October 19, 2007

Uruguay and Argentina want to host the World Cup

Back in 1930, Uruguay hosted the first ever World Cup and they want to do it again 100 years later. However, they realize that the current version of the finals is a bit too big for them to do it alone, so they have joined with neighbors Argentina for the right to host the 2030 World Cup.
AFA president Julio Grondona expressed his desire to help Uruguay host the event through a formally written letter that was sent to the AUF headquarters in Montevideo earlier on in the week.

“Working for this goal together will bring the relationship between both nations closer than ever. The sporting authorities, and both governments, must work together so that we can reach our objective by 2030,” he stated.

Grondona (76) feels that both nations have a lot of work to do, and they will only send in their proposal once they have a detailed outline of the whole project.
So these two have joined together to host an event that is still 23 years away.

But there might be a problem with this desire. FIFA is expected to soon pass a rule that will end the World Cup rotation after 2014 and that will open up future finals to all continents except for the last two that have hosted World Cups. Because of these changes (and other things coming out of FIFA), it is very much speculated that Europe will again play host in 2018. So here is the way future cups look:
2010 - South Africa
2014 - Brazil
2018 - Europe (most likely England)
2022 - Asia or North America
2026 - Asia or North America
2030 - ?

Knowing that Europe doesn't like going more then two finals without playing host, it would be hard to imagine them not pressing for the 2030 cup.

This is still along way from anything happening and who knows what shape the world will be in 20-years from now (or what rules FIFA will have changed), but the way things are looking from here, it might be a choice between celebrating the history of the game or letting Europe have another one.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be amazing for Uruguay to host on their own, but I guess thats not likely to happen. I think this is the next best thing. With all the history behind it, I think it would be hard to Europe to try to host. Perhaps a deal (unofficial, of course) will be worked out to guarantee the 2034 cup in Europe if S.A. gets 2030. I would love to see to great soccer nations like Uruguay and Argentina host the World Cup.

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would also love to see the 100years hosted in the country who started it all. It would be amazing and very memorable also. I and my partner would definatly be there to witness such a event and we live in Australia, I think the same would be said for many people all around the world. This would be a mark in history if this could all come together my vote is with Uruguay and Argentina to host the event two Football greats of the world. And give a chance for them to step up to the plate, if it can be held in Sth Africa it can be held ANYWHERE!

7:33 PM  

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