Tuesday, October 16, 2007

2007 MLS Week 28 Power Ratings

The penultimate week is over and it has left us looking at teams in a different way. Is there a slide happening at the top or is it just a rest? Will some sad saps sneak into the playoffs or will late charges carry a few teams through till the end? All we be told soon. Onward to the ratings:

1. DC United (Last week - 1) - I wonder how many of the United faithful are having at least a little 'oh no, don't let this be 2006 again' fear floating around this week. For two games in a row, the team has looked out of step. Is this just a minor relaxation before the playoffs or is doom making another post-season stop in the nation's capitol?

2. Chivas USA (2) - They got beat at home by a 10-man Rapids side that was playing horrible in the midfield. With Ante Razov out for many weeks to come, could it be that the goats just don't have the backbone to steady their own trip? Interestingly, much like DC, their goalkeeper (Brad Guzan) is keeping them looking like a top rate side.

3. Houston Dynamo (3) - Houston finally won in Utah but they had some scary moments early. Still, they recovered and started playing their own style. However, will the lack of a proved center back keep them from beating Chivas and taking the West on Saturday night?

4. New England Revolution (4) - The Revs are slow walking their way to the playoffs. They seem happy to take it easy and let the hard work begin against New York. One interesting thing, Matt Reis seems a bit off his game of late.

5. Chicago Fire (5) - I think the Fire like to sweat because they do make it hard on themselves. Their goal scoring problems have resurfaced as Blanco doesn't have many targets to serve the ball to. They are doing better at not letting in late equalizers, but this is a team without a finisher.

6. Los Angeles Galaxy (8) - The Galaxy have won five in a row, yet they still have not had a really great game. Even against a 10-man Toronto, they didn't dominate but they are still getting the points and keeping MLS's front office dreams alive, so they do deserve credit. Cobi, Klein and Donovan are provide a good center for the team and that might just be enough to punch their way into post season.

7. New York Red Bull (7) - The Bulls are starting to put together a side that, even without Reyna, can compete, but their are still hurt from ball control. If they have a healthy lineup, they got something, if not, they will, at best, just hold on.

8. FC Dallas (6) - That Thursday game against Chivas was so very bad. There was nothing coming out of the middle and very little use of the wings. I don't know what has happened to FCD but they are a team a drift. Still, wonderful to see Kenny Cooper back in the starting lineup, now if he can learn to muscle in the box, he might end his side's first round nightmares.

9. Columbus Crew (11) - Are the Crew the Cubs of MLS? They finally return to some good form only to see that it is too little, too late? Even if Sigi Schmid is out after this weekend's game, the team has many good players to build around.

10. Kansas City Wizards (9) - Will I win the beat I made 2 months ago that KC will not make the playoffs? At the time, it seemed stupid, but KC is great at giving it up down the stretch. There is no flow to this team so the talent at the top goes waiting. However, they might get lucky and steal a full three points from a shrinking FCD on Saturday.

11. Real Salt Lake (10) - Real is still not a good team, but they are finding pieces. I wonder who will have more trades during the off-season, Real or Toronto?

12. Colorado Rapids (12) - The Rapids pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the season this weekend, but it had nothing to do with their skill on the pitch. Okay, a little harsh, but the team just lives by holding on and hoping for a quick counter.

13. Toronto FC (13) - TFC tried to ruin the fun by killing off LA, but they just could not get it down. Injuries and first season equal pain, but they are still fun to watch.

And now week 28 steps aside.

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Blogger Oscar M. said...

Its really more of a "Oh no, Don't let this be 1998 again" fear floating aroun.

4:22 PM  
Blogger Mike H said...

Oscar, great point. Wouldn't it be interesting to see DC and Chicago in the final again?

11:08 AM  
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