Friday, October 19, 2007

According to MLS, LA won last night

NY 1-1 LA
I'm not sure what game the folks over at MLSnet were watching last night, but it must have been a little different then the one I saw as they say 'Galaxy win again' (as of noon ET).

To be fair, the blurb below the headline as well as the linked article mentions the tie, but it is an interesting slip. Perhaps the Fire are correct in assuming the MLS wants LA in the playoffs more then Chicago.

As far as the game itself, the Galaxy never really got things going as their passing was less then impressive and their midfield was getting beat all over the place. They did make some chances a bit past the hour mark, but overall, nothing worthy of a win.

On the other side, that was one of the best road performances out of New York in some time and Jon Conway came up with the big saves when he needed to, and what about Jozy Altidore? He was finding his space and pushing aside LA defenders with ease and almost killed off the Galaxy with an excellent run and just off target shot in stoppage time. I can only guess what Don Garber was thinking during that late run.
Goals: LA: Troy Roberts (2) 15'
NY: Jozy Altidore (9) 16'
Attendance: 27,000

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