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2007 MLS Week 27 Power Ratings

Another week of the year over and done. Sadly, I didn't do a full post on the weekend's games, so I will rap all that into these ratings. One thing I must bring up though, isn't it interesting how many favorable calls LA got during the Houston match? When you combine that with all the red cards their opposition has got in the previous few weeks, one has to wonder why luck is smiling so much on the Galaxy. And no, I'm not suggesting a conspiracy but it is interesting how often the refs have played a big role in LA's recent streak.

But enough of such talk, it looks like Chivas has the West, DC has the East and Chicago is just about a lock for the playoffs. So what excitement is left over the next two weeks? Can the Goats take the Supporters' Shield and will KC stumble their way out of the playoffs?

Anyway, here are the regular league numbers 181 games into the season:
SeasonWeek 27
Att per game16,50318,241
Beckham Att (5*)195,8470
Beckham Avg Att39,1690
Goals per game2.6963.00
Inter-conferenceEast 28-27-25West 2-0-0
Ties45 (24.9%)1 (14.3%)
* Number of MLS matches with Beckham in attendance
** I cannot locate the attendance numbers for Colorado-Columbus (2 Sept) or LA-Columbus (30 Sept) so the season average is for only 172 games.

And now for the ratings:

1. DC United (Last week - 1) - Even a tired United finds ways to open up space. Boswell is playing smart in the back and Ben Olsen is just shining. Ever week makes it harder to see a way in which this club does not end up in the MLS Cup.

2. Chivas USA (2) - This team never looks rattled. Even when they are getting exposed, they don't shrink. They have let off the pedal a little bit in the last couple weeks, but they are still a fantastic side. By the way, Brad Guzan is fun to watch.

3. Houston Dynamo (3) - Even though there were a number of calls that didn't go their way on Sunday, they still could have taken this game if they would have finished some of the wide open opportunities. With no Clark to guide and if Ching is hurt, this team can beat themselves. Still, they controlled well and passed wonderfully, but no finishing is not a way to win. Also, where was their defense on the two goals?

4. New England Revolution (4) - New England is a contender but not a champion. They have some good skill on the ball and can make the tempo their own, but they cannot respond to change. Knock them a bit off their stride and they find it hard to recover.

5. Chicago Fire (6) - Could it be that the Fire are starting to fully come together? They are starting to make runs together with force and don't sink when they go down a goal. Chicago is the best 'worst' team in MLS right now and I'm guessing Chivas would rather face Colorado or Columbus in the first round.

6. FC Dallas (7) - Carlos Ruiz bashers got some more ammunition over the weekend as his club had their best game in weeks while he setup due to cards. Heck, Denilson was even producing and showing what he can actually do in a game. Yes, it was only against the Crew, and they still have a wet paper bag backline, but with Ray Burse looking tops, they might be able to make something out of this year.

7. New York Red Bull (5) - The Bulls have the skill and even the style, but they don't have the depth to make the final run. Renya is king when he is healthy and delivering balls, but his injury woes equal NY's woes.

8. Los Angeles Galaxy (10) - Yes, LA has a big four-game streak going, but they are playing only average ball. They were tanking all over the field against Houston, but got the win because the Dynamo could not make much of their chances. The passing is still bad and they spend most of their time chasing the ball, but however they are doing it, it doesn't matter because the points are still coming their way.

9. Kansas City Wizards (8) - What to say about the Wizards? They just don't sustain pressure ever, which gives teams lots of time to beat them. They don't have the attacking skill to make much out of a few opportunities and they don't have the midfield to create more opportunities. Problem?

10. Real Salt Lake (9) - Watching a Real game is no longer a painful experience, but it has yet to reach the 'joyful' side of things either. It is obvious that they are building the foundation at the moment, which is more then they were doing most of the year.

11. Columbus Crew (11) - Yet again, they got an early goal and relaxed. This team doesn't seem to have a full half, much less full game within them.

12. Colorado Rapids (12) - Alright, they showed some determination against the worst road team in the league, but their own stupid fouling almost cost them the game. With the way this team plays, it would be in insult if they made the playoffs. Still, good job holding the game even when down a man for most of it.

13. Toronto FC (13) - They showed their fight at home but can't seem to adjust on the road. Their offense opens teams up, but they don't have a closer.

Here are the first round playoff matchups if the season ended today:
DC United - KC Wizards
NE Revolution - NY Red Bulls

Chivas - Chicago Fire
Houston - FC Dallas

And with that, week 27 says 'good day.'

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Blogger david said...

Hi there... not sure if any of you have been keeping up, but i thought that Ricardo Clark's challenge was horrible... I hope that things like that don't keep happening in MLS. I can't help thinking that these things don't happen in ELP, Ligue 1, etc., but maybe I am wrong. It was a horrible attack.

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