Tuesday, September 18, 2007

MLS Expansion - Seattle group looking at 7 locations for stadium

One of the three groups trying to bring a MLS side to Seattle says they have 7 possible sites for a soccer stadium in the area.

Atletico Seattle wants to purchase enough land to, wait for it, build a mixed-use real estate development along with a stadium. This is very similar to the idea the San Jose, St. Louis and DC ownership groups are looking into.

None of the seven sites are in downtown Seattle, but all of them are located in the same county (King). There are "three sites in Tukwila, two in Renton and one each in Kent and Des Moines." (click on the map to see where these are located). Renton and Tukwila are each about 8-miles from downtown, while Des Moines is closer to 10 and Kent is around 14.

In other news, the group led by Adrian Hanauer, managing director of the Seattle Sounders, is still very interested in being part of the MLS, but the hang up with him might have to due with his stadium choice. He would like the new MLS team to play their games at the 67,000-seat Qwest Field.

"I think Qwest Field would make a good venue because it's in the heart of downtown Seattle," Hanauer said. "It was built with soccer in mind. The sightlines are great, the width of the field is appropriate, you're close to the action and the team and fan facilities are great."

The third bidder in the Seattle business is Jason Keston, but it is unknown if he is still interested.

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Blogger pate said...

At least the Kent and Tukwila sites are close to Commuter Rail. And the local Transit folks seem willing to make it work for MLB and NFL games (maybe NBA too, but I detest basketball so I don't know) so they might be willing to put together a decent rail package for MLS games as well.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Laurie said...

All of the above-mentioned sites: Ick.

I love Qwest Field for soccer, even if it is too big. It's so close to everything. The commute to any of these sites down south would be horrendous and would cut into the number of people willing to go see the team.

And we did pack the place for Real Madrid - DC United, so there is hope. Right?

(Yeah, call me the eternal optimist.)

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No football stadiums. NO NO NO.

We will always be a second class tenant there.

If I have to see anymore football lines on a field I will scream.

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Qwest Field will be perfect for the MLS team. It's not just a football stadium, I remember how it was touted as being designed with soccer in mind from day one. I don't know if you remember how angry the soccer citizens of Seattle were when we failed to get a WC '94 bid... they wanted to make sure that wouldn't ever happen again.

It's an awesome stadium for soccer, should look fine with just the lower bowl open and the top sections tarped over with graphics.

2:34 PM  

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