Tuesday, September 18, 2007

2007 MLS Week 24 Power Ratings

There is not a lot of movement going on this week as the tiers kind of stayed as they were. However, it will be interesting to watch Chivas and Colorado over the next couple weeks as either team could go in either direction.

Here are the ratings:

1. DC United (Last week - 1) - Clinched their spot in the playoffs with a difficult win over a much improved Real team on Wednesday. Their backline give Beckerman way too much room, but other then that, things looked much better. Is there any way the road to the MLS Cup doesn't start and end in DC?

2. Chivas USA (2) - They lost their edge and looked beatable at times, but every team is given a slouch game. Still, their mindset of trying to hold a one goal lead for 80-minutes is a bit alarming.

3. New England Revolution (3) - Made mush out of FCD but still missed their marks on a few plays. Matt Reis is going through a minor slump but their offense is opening things up.

4. Houston Dynamo (4) - Dwayne De Rosario is looking more like himself and Brian Ching is on the upswing, but it must be noted that it took two big LA mistakes for Houston to take this game. Don't get me wrong, good teams should make something out of opposition mistakes but it shouldn't be the only way they do so. They are good but not yet a force.

5. FC Dallas (5) - Dallas took another step back even though Carlos Ruiz finally stepped forward. Their defense did a lot but it failed to clear balls while their midfield is soft. If things don't start clicking soon, it looks like they will have another repeat of good season ending poorly with a quick exit from the playoffs.

6. Kansas City Wizards (7) - The Wizards have not looked strong of late but with Scott Sealy giving them another option again and the way they pushed it in overtime against Columbus, all might not be lost.

7. New York Red Bull (6) - Now that Angel is not a mystery to the opposition, New York looks a bit flat up top. Combine that with their age and injuries in the middle and you've got some serious issues. On the plus side, it looks like keeper Ronald Waterreus might be back to early form which can take a team a long way.

8. Chicago Fire (9) - Another team missing offensive options but they still know how to force a few issues. With Blanco, they have gotten more then most people thought they would but without someone pushing into the box, they are not getting all that they can.

9. Colorado Rapids (10) - It might not be the most exciting soccer but the Rapids never really put on a horrible show. The fact that they got a tie off of Chivas shows that they should not be underestimated.

10. Columbus Crew (8) - Another hard weak for the club from Ohio as they saw 3 points turn into none in two minutes of extra time. Up till then they were playing a good game and their defense was looking in tune but those notes, much long their season, have turned sour very fast.

11. Real Salt Lake (11) - The wins are still not coming but Real is no longer a pushover. If they can keep applying pressure, they have the talent to finish a few. Best news of all, it looks like they might not end up being the worst team in the league this year.

12. Toronto FC (13) - Toronto might not be scoring goals but I never get the feeling they walk onto a pitch already defeated. Instead they are always attacking and trying to create things, they just can't get it done. At some point the gates will open and TFC will get the points that reflect their play.

13. Los Angeles Galaxy (12) - Does this team ever have a moment where they think they might win a game? If so, it doesn't show. Like it has all year, their defense killed LA this weekend. Yes, they might get goals (unlike TFC), but they don't ever seem like a team that could win a match.

Now we say so long to week 24.

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Blogger Allen said...

My friend, I have to disagree. The Rapids have looked more than horrible on quite a few occasions this season. For example the first time Houston played at DSG Park and they were cutting through the midfield like butter on their way to a 3-1 (?) win. It was early and at time they couldn't score in a brothel. There have been a few times like that too. The Rapids looked good in the first 10 minutes and the last minutes. Take away the lightening delays and I really question if CO comes to life and actually does something to earn a goal.

Also note that like other teams before, Chivas USA rested a dangerous player. Actually they didn't bother starting Razov and Galindo. I'll have to look back but a few teams have done this. I'm not sure if it's just timing of the schedule or a lack of worry when it comes to playing the Rapids.

The Rapids aren't the worst team but they're still a bit too painful to watch too often. At least that is my two-bits worth.

3:03 PM  
Blogger Mike H said...

Hello Allen,

Maybe I'm just tired of bashing Colorado. I looked back on some of the things I've said about them this season and I noticed a theme since about week 4 and that was how dreadful things are. You are right, Chivas did not come into the match full strength or really that into the game, so the Rapids got lucky (a common theme for the team).

Don't worry, I'm sure my moment of good feelings for them will end soon enough (I'm guessing Saturday against Real). It was just something about that game this past Sunday that really knocked it out of me. Maybe I'm hoping that if I say something positive their play might improve and future matches will not be such an ordeal.

Thanks for setting me straight.

4:01 PM  

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