Tuesday, September 11, 2007

MLS Expansion - St. Louis area soccer stadium gets initial go ahead

The first hurdle of many has been cleared for St. Louis Soccer United (SLSU) as the city of Collinsville voted to move forward on a pre-annexation agreement. What this means is that the city will work with SLSU to negotiation for annexation of portions of the planned site not currently within city limits.

This is still a long way to a done deal, but with the relatively smooth process up to this point, it does seem that there is a great deal of interest by both parties to make this happen.

MLS President Mark Abbott said of the agreement, "Major League Soccer is pleased with the positive vote from the Collinsville city council to build a soccer-specific stadium and mixed-use development in the city."

"The metropolitan St. Louis area is one of the most passionate and storied soccer markets in the United States. Tonight's vote is a very positive step and we look forward to continuing our discussions to bring a Major League Soccer club to the area."

It seems that the main concern is that money for Collinsville's schools is not diverted to pay for the plan. Both the city and SLSU say that students will not be forgotten.

Overall, more good news for soccer fans in the St. Louis area.

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Blogger Justin said...

I was up pretty late last night reading up on this. Now my anxiety increases as we wait to hear the results of talks between SLSU and MLS to get the team.

Overall, more good news for soccer fans in the St. Louis area... thankfully.

1:57 PM  

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