Tuesday, August 14, 2007

2007 MLS Week 19 Power Ratings

The long run of Houston at the top of the ratings comes to an end this week after the perplexing defeat in Colorado. Other then that, most of the list stays the same.

1. FC Dallas (Last week - 2) - A strong Crew team kept them busy, but they still found a way to pull out a win, even when going down a man. In the past, injuries have killed FCD but this year it looks like they might have the bench to survive and thrive.

2. DC United (3) - Fred in the middle is pure power. United still fluctuates in quality during matches but the periods in the bad zone are getting much less frequent. Still, how do you only get 1 goal out of a LA side you ran into the ground for over an hour?

3. New England Revolution (4) - Much like DC before them, they showed a solid team that pushed forward yet could only get one goal out of LA. On top of that, their defense has some holes that better clubs will abuse.

4. Houston Dynamo (1) - Back-to-back defeats at Salt Lake and Colorado is not a confidence builder. In both games they played the better 90-minutes but they are failing to find goal again. Maybe it is SuperLiga fatigue, but with a big showdown coming this weekend against Dallas, they need to change course soon.

5. New York Red Bull (6) - A well rested New York side is dangerous. The great news for them, once they get out of August, they don't play more then one game a week for the rest of the season. This should give the old legs enough to provide Jozy Altidore and Juan Pablo Angel what they need.

6. Columbus Crew (5) - This team has some great flow and energy these days but it only lasts about 70-minutes. If they can improve their stamina, the Crew will play in the post season.

7. Kansas City Wizards (7) - The Wizards had the week off, as I'm sure you noticed from the lack of fans in their stadium. Um, you did notice didn't you?

8. Chivas USA (8) - Chivas got to hold out of MLS play for another week and everyone cried. Actually, if they can do anything with their road form, they will challenge for the Cup.

9. Chicago Fire (10) - Chicago was off this week meaning Blanco has gone almost a full month in the MLS without a red card. All those bookies were wrong.

10. Toronto FC (9) - Injuries show Toronto to be without depth. Still a fun team to watch but do not have the talent this year to go anywhere.

11. Colorado Rapids (11) - The Rapids win their first game since May but can't even claim that it was anything other then a fluke. Counting on the other side to score goals for you will only get you so far. Even with a victory, this team looks pathetic.

12. Los Angeles Galaxy (12) - Wrecked by injuries and playing some of the most uninspiring soccer ever, ladies and gentleman the jewel of MLS. There doesn't seem to be any improvement week-to-week with this club. If they don't get 7-points from their next three league matches, Becks and the boys will get an extended winter holiday (which I'm sure Lalas will use to schedule nine more friendlies).

13. Real Salt Lake (13) - Real has decided to just end their season now and go out on a high not. I mean really, they've got a winning streak going, why ruin it by playing some matches?

Week nineteen has now crusted over and been sealed closed.

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