Wednesday, August 29, 2007

MLS Expansion - Does construction ad mean a team for Philadelphia?

The idea of a MLS team in Philadelphia got a bit of a boost yesterday when a member of Big Soccer posted an ad he found in the current edition of the Philadelphia Construction News. As you can see if you click on the image to the left, it is a Request for Quotation on building a soccer stadium in Chester.

Information includes the stadium size (20-30,00), completion date (2010) and owner (MLS).

The fact that this is listed as a MLS project and as private construction seems to suggest to me that this is more of an information seeking ad then anything solid. Since the team owners would probably end up being the actual owners and since they are hoping to use some public money to make it all happen, I'm guessing that the final bid process will be a big different.

Still, this is great news for any fans of soccer in the Philadelphia area. If you do live in the area, you might want to sign the petition in favor of the stadium deal and you might want to check out the Son of Ben supporters club.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The speculation about the stadium meaning Philly is guaranteed a team is ridiculous. This is typical for any type of open bidding on projects even before they are approved or funded. They have to do this so that in the event they do receive approval/funding they can ramp up quickly.

Sign the petition to help out the cause but, please, lose all the speculation!

3:04 PM  
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