Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2007 MLS Week 21 Power Ratings

Week twenty-one didn't see any big upsets so things remain pretty calm in the ratings, however, with Chivas coming on fast, they might just be a couple wins away from the top tier.

1. New England Revolution (Last week -1) - They needed a strange couple goals to beat New York but they are still the strongest team in the league as a whole. The defense still makes errors but Reis is good at cleaning most of them up.

2. DC United (2) - Between Fred and Perkins this club has what is needed to bring the cup home to the nation's capitol. The one hiccup in the plan might be their backline. Without Boswell, they get confused.

3. FC Dallas (4) - FCD had a needed week off, which they used to add another striker to their mix. Unless they are planning on going with a 3-2-5 lineup, someone is going to have to go.

4. Houston Dynamo (3) - Like many teams, Houston is having some injury problems but that does not excuse the tie against Columbus while being up a man for an hour in the Texas sun. This team has great defense but their ability to make something off their attacks is lacking. If they can find net, they can find a title or two.

5. Chivas USA (6) - Tossing LA around is not as impressive as it once was but it still counts for good in my book. Everything is falling into place with this club. Unless their road form tanks, they might just be the strongest team heading into the playoffs. Note to all other teams in the West, you don't want to have to beat Chivas in LA in the playoffs. Win now or lose in November.

6. New York Red Bull (5) - A bit of luck and turn a good team bad. Jozy and Juan are still producing and they are getting gold out of their midfield, but they need another option in the mix. The Bulls are good but beatable on any given day.

7. Columbus Crew (7) - What a way to pull out a point in Houston. Their bunker defense is far better then it was last year which gives them an outside chance at the post season.

8. Kansas City Wizards (8) - Their midweek game was great news for the club as it showed people that EJ is not their only option on the pitch to get goals. The drop on Saturday was not horrible but it did show a frontline that is a bit iffy.

9. Chicago Fire (9) - Again Blanco is the engine for the Fire. Their options are opening up but they still don't have much of a stop them before the final third attitude.

10. Colorado Rapids (10) - Destroying the LA 'B-team' is not that unexpected but it does show a club maturing in their skills. The first half saw a lot of quick touches that poked open the many holes in LA's lineup. If the Rapids can be this strong against other clubs, they have a chance.

11. Los Angeles Galaxy (11) - If anyone is looking for some fantastic standup comedy, look no further then LA's backline. Really, it is the single biggest joke in MLS. They stumble, bumble and tumble, and that's when things are going good.

12. Toronto FC (12) - The heart is strong but the team is weak. There is no doubt that their home field gives them more talent then they actually have but with all the injuries, this side just doesn't have what is needed to make that final push.

13. Real Salt Lake (13) - Remember, say something nice or say nothing at all. Okay. Um, let's see, their defense, no, um, their mid, no, okay, their shirts are some of the best looking in the league. Yeah, the 2008 season is just seven months away.

Any now week twenty-one goes off to its eternal sleep.

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Blogger Pitch to Pub said...


Turns out Denilson is an attacking midfielder, so while it doesn't mean less time for Ruiz or Cooper when he is back (Oduro and Ricardinho for now), it does mean Saragosa, Ricchetti, or McCarty might see less time.

My 11 would be:
f: Ruiz, Oduro (Cooper when he is back)
m: Toja, Denilson, McCarty, Alvarez
d: Serioux, Gbandi, Moor, Goodson
g: Sala

8:24 PM  
Blogger BGN said...

I'm not sure that Toronto doesn't belong on top of LA

9:01 PM  

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