Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lalas - MLS screwed LA with the schedule

LA Galaxy Alexi Lalas is hitting out at MLS for the 'ridiculous schedule' they have to play between now and the send of the season.
"We have bent over backwards to help everybody but the Galaxy," Lalas said. "A lot of people have made a tremendous amount of money on the back of what the Galaxy has brought to their markets this year and I hope that they remember that going forwards.

"Have we played well? No. But this ridiculous schedule that we have been saddled with in an effort to appease absolutely everybody, on and off the field, has taken its toll."
He does have a point as his side has club has 12 league matches over the next eight weeks, however there are three main problems with his argument.

1. He knew about this schedule a long time ago and could have voiced his anger then.
2. Even when his club was well rested, they were still bottom of the table with a 3-5-4 record through August.
3. LA had October 3rd & 10th off, but Lalas added friendlies on those dates. Instead of a road trip that will take them from KC to Columbus to Houston over two weeks, they will now go KC, Columbus, Vancouver, Houston, Minnesota, all in two weeks and all designed by Lalas.

Don't get me wrong, LA did get a crap schedule handed to them that will help others more then it helps them, however Lalas did not complain about it till his club fell to dirt. In fact he made their schedule even harder by adding late season friendlies.

So Lalas can complain but until he explains away the three items above, he issues just seem a little self-serving. Who would have ever thought Lalas and self-serving would be in the same sentence.

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Blogger Mike said...

I believe that the MLS backloaded LA's schedule to try to maximize Beckham based attendance.

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Sean PHHS said...

Mike, no doubt about it- with complicity from the LA Galaxy administration- which would be non other than the Great Complainer himself, who was fine with the schedule until as of late. Mr. Lalas has so much to answer for, yet I doubt that this will taint him any more than his horrendous job turns at San Jose and New York/Jersey. He seems to be the teflon moron.

5:08 PM  

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