Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SuperLiga schedule and why you should watch

The first addition of the SuperLiga begins tonight with FC Dallas facing off against Chivas de Guadalajara followed by LA playing host to Pachuca. Perhaps none of these teams are your team, however if you are a fan of soccer in North America, you should take an interest in this tournament.

The short term goal of the SuperLiga is simple, 8 teams will play 15 matches to decide who gets the $1 million prize, but long term, those in charge are hoping to build this into a competition on par with the Champions League. Okay, such a day is a long way off, but it is good to have a dream.

Why this should matter to all MLS and Mexican league fans as well as other countries in Concacaf is simple, the more of a success this tournament is, the great the chance of increased money flowing into the various leagues (they hope to expand it to include other countries' leagues in the years to come). This money will be used to improve training facilities as well as bring in better players, thus making Concacaf a better stop for international players from all over the world.

The teams are divided into two groups playing a three game round-robin stage with the top two teams from each group advancing to a the knockout stage with the ultimate winner taking home the largest prize purse in North American soccer history.

All games will air in the US on TeleFutura as well as on the internet at MLSnet and the SuperLiga website (no word if there will be English or Spanish calls for the internet broadcasts).

Group A
Chivas de Guadalajara
FC Dallas
LA Galaxy
No.DateTime (ET)Match
0124 July9:00pmChivas de Guadalajara 1-1 FC Dallas
0224 July11:00pmPachuca 1-2 LA Galaxy
0528 July8:00pmPachuca 1-1 FC Dallas
0628 July10:00pmChivas de Guadalajara 2-1 LA Galaxy
0931 July8:00pmLA Galaxy 6-5 FC Dallas
1031 July10:00pmPachca 1-0 Chivas de Guadalajara in Denver

Group B
Club America
DC United
Houston Dynamo
Monarcas Morelia
No.DateTime (ET)Match
0325 July8:00pmMorelia 1-1 DC United
0425 July10:00pmClub America 0-1 Houston Dynamo
0729 July8:00pmClub America 0-1 DC United
0829 July10:00pmMorelia 1-1 Houston Dynamo
1101 Aug8:00pmDC United 0-1 Houston Dynamo
1201 Aug10:00pmClub America 3-2 Morelia in Chicago

14 Aug - Houston Dynamo 2 (3)-(4) 2 Pachuca
15 Aug - LA Galaxy 2-0 DC United

29 Aug - Pachuca vs. LA Galaxy - Location and time to be decided

All four Mexican teams are very solid, however most of them will be missing players due to recent international competitions plus their season ended almost two months ago, which should give the US teams a bit of an advantage (not to mention home pitch advantage). Still, this will be a good test for all those involved and should provide some fun viewing.

Which brings me to one last question, why isn't this airing on any English language stations as this seems perfect for ESPN or Fox Soccer Channel? It is an international competition that takes place over a short period of time with a major payout at the end. Seems like an easy sell to the casual fan. Hopefully next year it will be a little different story.

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Blogger Edgar Ever said...

SuperLiga is great for MLS and great for Mexican League. It helps create a connection between MLS and Mexican Soccer fans in the US as well as let us see some of the best Mexican clubs play on US soil. The lack of TV broadcast in English, especially with the Galaxy's participation does seem weird. Luckily Telefutura is free-to-air; as long as you have a Telefutura affiliate nearby you’ll be able to watch the games.

I don’t know about trying to turn SuperLiga into North America’s Champion’s League. CONCACAF already has CONCACAF Champion’s Cup whose winner gets a spot in FIFA’s Club World Cup. The semifinalists of Champion’s Cup also get a spot in Copa SudAmericana, South America’s second most important continental Club tournament behind Libertadores. CONCACAF Champions' Cup

Copa Sudamericana

I would be interested in seeing SuperLiga determine a spot in Libertadores. Currently the Mexican League holds a pre-season tournament called “InterLiga” to determine 2 of Mexico’s three spots in Libertadores. If COMNEBOL was ok with it, maybe another spot could be opened up for the winner of SuperLiga.
One last thing, if MLS could have got Chicago involved in SuperLiga it would have been great. Imagine Cuauhtemoc Blanco playing against Club America, great TV.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Great games so far...too bad the tv audience is so limited.

11:43 PM  
Anonymous LF2P said...

Is it true that Freddy Adu could be on his way to portuguese team Benfica ?

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:58 PM  

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