Friday, July 20, 2007

MLS Expansion - Is Philadelphia getting close to a stadium deal?

MLS has longed to be in the Philadelphia since the beginning, but was never able to find a way to make it happen. Last year it looked like something was about to break when the teamed up with Rowan University to build a site, but that deal fell apart when the public money dried up.

But there is still hope for those in Philadelphia as investors are pushing an effort to build a stadium on the waterfront in Chester, PA, about 10-miles down river from downtown (and 3 miles from the airport).

Although the investors are described as 'substantial', they are looking for some up from local and state governments. An effort to get partial funding added to the recent state budget failed, however there might be another source of money in the form of gaming revenue.

Local officials think the new stadium will help boost the local economy and provide a new alternative for kids in the form of youth leagues.

Those involved stressed that there is still a way to go before anything is official but that they are past the initial stage.

Philadelphia and Chicago were two cities the league wanted in their fold for the inaugural season, however it just didn't happen. Chicago was able to get their team two years later, but Philadelphia has stayed in the 'some day' column. Because of their large population and the possibility of some good East coast rivalries (NY & DC) as well as Philadelphia's strong tradition of soccer, the league is probably willing to bend a lot more to get a team there then some of the other possibilities. However, with all the failures that have happened in the past, MLS might be a little trigger shy when it comes to awarding a team.

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