Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2007 MLS Week 16 Power Ratings

Only four games means there is not a great deal of movement. However, in a first for this season, the Western Conference owns the top two spots. The fact that they also own three of the bottom four ratings tells the full story. In the East, the jumbled mess continues as no one team is anywhere close to pulling away.

1. Houston Dynamo (Last week - 1) - Any team that can go on a two month unbeaten run is doing a lot right. Still, they should have got at least one win from the last two ties. Their regular stars are starting to shine again while the supporting cast is as strong as ever. If they can stay healthy, they will be the team to beat from some time to come.

2. FC Dallas (3) - FCD was off of MLS duty this week, but still must be feeling great. As if this club did not have enough going for it, it looks like even the weather is joining Hoops Nation. August has been a cruel month in past years to Dallas due in part to the 100+ degree temperatures that kick in around June, however, this year has been very cool. This, combined with only three matches in the month, should give them a huge lift heading into the end of the season.

3. New England Revolution (4) - They needed a little luck to get a result against Houston but still look to be returning to full form. Their passing is getting good and they are picking out better positions on attack.

4. DC United (2) - First the collapse against Dallas last week and then the sad song in New York this week. Concerns about their defense are coming back while the offense is misfiring. Nothing to panic about but with the horrible first month of play still fresh in the memory, it does cause some concern.

5. New York Red Bull (5) - New York beat DC purely due to the failure of United to play a good game. The Bulls looked better with Jozy Altidore back, but they are still far from anything amazing. Age is catching up with them.

6. Columbus Crew (7) - Oh my, the Crew win again. If they playoffs started today, they would be in the sixth spot. This has been a great turn around due to fewer injuries, better midfield play and Guillermo Barros Schelotto (who is a big part of that better midfield play). This is a sleeper club just waiting to shock teams.

7. Toronto FC (6) - Finally, the road trip is over and it hasn't been all bad. Yes, they flunked out in Columbus but they can still be happy about where they sit as they get ready to return home.

8. Chivas USA (8) - The goats had no MLS action, however they did play a road game against the Seattle Sounders in the US Open Cup and, just like normal on the road, they got smoked.

9. Kansas City Wizards (9) - If Kansas City wants to become a big team, they need someone other then Eddie Johnson to score. EJ's work is great but the lack of support and, even worse, the slack play on defense, will eat this team alive.

10. Colorado Rapids (11) - The Rapids new plan of attack is to actually attack the opposition. Colorado was lucky to not get at least one red card this past week as they were throwing every part of their body into the Wizards. That said, it did seem to close some of the open space, so it wasn't all ugly.

11. Los Angeles Galaxy (10) - LA decided to take the week off from junk play in MLS in order to have some international junk play. It's great that Beckham is finally here but it was stupid to let him play against Chelsea. If this is the type of move this club is going to make, it is going to be a long, cold final half of the season.

12. Chicago Fire (12) - No MLS matches this past week, but they did get a 1-1 tie against Celtic. Counts for nothing but it was the start of all things Blanco who looked pretty good out there.

13. Real Salt Lake (13) - Another team with the week off from MLS play, but they did play host to Everton and actually beat them. At this point, any win, especially one where they score two goals, is worth something to Real.

And now week sixteen is dead to me.

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