Thursday, July 19, 2007

EPL's Derby County wants Eddie Johnson

That is the speculation after Derby County manager Billy Davies praised Johnson in the press:
"He is young, has great pace and also a point to prove because he has never played in England before," Davies told the Derby Evening Telegraph.

"He scores goals for fun and has started the American season like a house on fire. He is the most valued player in the MLS.

"Very few American players have come to this country and failed.

"They have a lot to offer, they are fit and they are very good professionals."
It is interesting the Davies says he is the MLS's MVP at this point because you don't hear much of that in the US. I'm not saying Davies is wrong, in fact I think he makes a good point. Without Johnson, KC are a below average mess, but with him they are challenging for the top of the East.

Anyway, Davies would not confirm that he has or will make a big for EJ, but with his club returning to the Permership for the first time since 2002, I'm sure he is concidering it.

Then there is Johnson himself who has torn things up domestically but never really clicked on the international stage. From a technical stand point, a move to the EPL would be be a complete test of his skills and if he ever wants to make such a move, at age 23, he doesn't have much more time.

But the major issue might be the league and the Wizards. As I noted above, Johnson is the main reason KC has a chance this year and I doubt they are fired up about losing that option. Also, he Eddie is one MLS's major promo guys and they will not want to let that go cheap. However, if the offer was high enough, they could go for it.

Personally, I would love for Johnson to make the move to the EPL because I think he has gone as high as he can go in MLS. He does have a great deal of talent, but he needs better training and opposition, which a newly promoted EPL side can offer. If he is ever to become the threat we all want him to be on the international stage, chances are it will involve a move out of the US.

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