Sunday, July 15, 2007

2007 Copa America - Brazil reins supreme

Argentina looked to be the stronger team during the whole tournament, but in the end, Brazil came out on top. It was an evenly played first half but thanks to an amazing goal by Julio Baptista and some Brazilian luck in the form of an own goal by Roberto Ayala, the Samba Kings went to the break feeling very good.

Argentina came out hunting for a goal in the second but Brazil still dominated. Even when Alfio Basile came on for Argentina in the 58th, they could not push hard enough. The men in yellow soon nailed the coffin closed thanks to Daniel Alves finishing a wonderful counter attack.

This defeat must sting the Argentineans hard as they brought everything they had to this Copa while Brazil was lacking a number of stars and didn't seem overly interested at the start of the group stage.

With the win, Brazil earns their eighth Copa America title and has now won four of the last five tournaments. Argentina still dwarfs Brazil in the total number of Copa titles (14), however, they have not won it all since 1995.

As champions of South America, Brazil will join South Africa, Italy and the USA along with the winners of the 2007 Asian Cup, 2008 African Nations Cup, 2008 Euro and 2008 OFC Nations Cup at the Confederations Cup in 2009 in South Africa.

Congrats to Brazil and to Robinho who won the golden boot with 6 goals.

Here is the final placement of the 12 participating teams.
1. Brazil
2. Argentina
3. Mexico
4. Uruguay
5. Paraguay
6. Venezuela
7. Peru
8. Chile
9. Columbia
10. Bolivia
11. Ecuador
12. USA

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