Tuesday, June 19, 2007

2007 MLS Week 11 Power Ratings

Week 11 saw a lot of goals as 5 of the 7 matches saw at least four balls go into the net, but still there was not a lot of movement in the league. I wasn't able to do my normal recap of weekend play, so I'll just roll it into these ratings. But first the numbers.

Here is the league by numbers 72 games into the season:
SeasonWeek 8
Att per game15,36817,752
Goals per game2.7644.0
Inter-conferenceEast 12-7-8East 1-0-0
Ties18 (25.0%)2 (28.6%)

It was a bad week for visitors as only Dallas was able to pull out a victory in their first match of the week in Salt Lake. Here are the updated ratings.

1. Kansas City Wizards (Last week - 1) - They almost walked out of New York with full points without Eddie Johnson. They are holding it together and starting to find other offensive options. Keep it up a couple more weeks and maybe everyone will think you are for real this year.

2. New York Red Bull (2) -Way to come back but what has happened to New York's defense? During their first eight matches, they only gave up four goals but in their last four the opposition has found net 11 times. Yes Angel is a scoring machine but it means little if the back doesn't recover.

3. DC United (3) - The eagles keep screaming as their team continues to role. They are making teams pay for mistakes and taking back the midfield. Soon enough, this team will be back at the top.

4. Toronto FC (6) - The team is playing like they mean it. Every goal just makes them come together even more and with Mo Johnson make a number of smart trades, things are looking even better.

5. New England Revolution (4) - How can you let the Crew come back from two down to tie you up? This club is slumping by either not getting their offense into position or, if they do, doing it at the expense of their defense. The Revs are loose.

6. Houston Dynamo (7) - The Dynamo had the week of to cheer on the Canadian Dynamo, otherwise known as the Canadian National Team.

7. FC Dallas (5) - FCD lucked into a win at Salt Lake and spit on themselves in Toronto. The offense is not there, the midfield is sloppy and the defense leaks.

8. Chivas USA (9) - I feel like I keep beating up on Chivas. I mean how else can I explain the Goats being so low in the ratings while having the third highest points per game average in MLS (and best in the West)? I guess it is because they are weak on the road and require a huge number of chances before they make a team pay. If they could make more of what they are given or at least shine a few times on the road, they would be much higher.

9. Colorado Rapids (8) - Colorado keeps sliding. They are not creating anything and their defense is not communicating. Where is the side to side from earlier in the season?

10. Columbus Crew (10) - The result in New England is the high point of the season so far. The club showed a great resolve by calming themselves and coming out with a more attacking style in the second. If they can keep their goal scoring coming, they have scored 8 in their last 4 outings, and tighten up their defense just a bit, they might actual stand a chance.

11. Chicago Fire (10) - What can I say, mistakes were made. The Fire continued their poor run of play and don't seem to be doing much about it. At some point they will get Mapp back but he alone will not be enough.

12. Los Angeles Galaxy (12) - The fresh talent did give the Galaxy a better look and feel but they were still a weak side. However, this club at least has most of the elements in place to give them a chance to make a late run.

13. Real Salt Lake (13) - If there is one bit of good news Real can take from their defeat in LA, at least they didn't give up the game winner after the 85th minute. The team is falling apart.

One last bit for the week, our predictions. I went 3-3 for the weekend and 3-4 on the week while the wife had a real bad weekend at 1-5 but 2-5 on the week. The new totals for the season are:
Me: 27-45
Wife: 25-47

Week eleven is now done.

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