Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rev's Joe Franchino taking indefinite leave

New England Revolution defender/midfielder and former captain Joe Franchino has left the club indefinitely.

The Revolution front office said it was for personal matters and further declared that, "this is the only statement the team will issue regarding this matter."

Speculation focuses on an incident last week when he was taken into custody after an incident with his car at a Foxboro Comfort Inn.

Between this and the recent grumblings by Shalrie Joseph about the team being in disarray, one has to wonder what is happening to the club.

Could all these signs point to a breakdown of the club, which has been pretty successful, at least on the pitch, for the last five years?

By the way, Celtic might still be interesting in trading for Joseph.

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Blogger Allen said...

So what did Franchino do? Was he stoned out of his gord and the po-po showed some mercy? Or did they not charge him cuz of some technicality?

1:54 PM  

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