Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Real says 'bye, bye' to Becks, Lalas screams 'HELLO!'

David Beckham will not be a galactico after this season, as his contract with Real Madrid will not be renewed, according to the club's sporting director Predrag Mijatovic.

When Beckham signed on with Real, it was such a huge event that the people actually paid to watch live coverage of his medicals. Now, four years, no trophies and more changes in management then most can remember later, they are only too happy to show him the door.

But wait, who is that redheaded stranger on the horizon screaming for all to hear? What is he saying, 'you can still be part of the Galaxy.'

Alexi Lalas has got to be happy with this situation. The idea of Beckham playing in MLS is still a bit of a stretch, but much less of a stretch then it was just yesterday.

I doubt money will be the sticking point in any negotiation, instead it will come down to Beckham being willing to, in many ways, end his career. Once he moves to the US, any idea of him being called back to the English squad is pretty much dead (although, that would not be much of a change) and the top clubs of Europe will write him off (but they might have already done that).

Beckham has about four good playing years left in him, he just needs to decide where those years will be spent. If they end up being on America soil, expect MLS to go all Beckham all the time for at least six-months.

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