Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wizards have no home; want South American players

There is no way around it, things are currently not fun for Kansas City.

Back in November, the team's owners put $800,000 into the campaign for a new youth soccer complex in Johnson County, Kansas, which would surround a new soccer stadium, only to see the vote go against them 64-36. Seeing as the vote's opponents only spent $18,000, that has got to hurt ($1.3 million in total was spent by those in favor of the vote).

In December, all the other MLS teams were talking about their 2007 home openers, but the Wizards had to stand silent because, well, they have no place to play in 2007.

Now, in January, their hope of playing those 2007 matches at Raymore-Peculiar High School's Panther Stadium seems to be dead.

They might not have a pitch on which to stand, but that hasn't stopped the team from looking for more talent to place on the home TBA.

New coach Curt Onalfo and general manager Peter Vermes are hoping to add some Argentina and Chile talent to their team.

“Traditionally, MLS has gotten the foreign player who is older and on the verge of retiring,” he told the Kansas City Star. “Curt and I are of the opinion we want either a seasoned veteran who has maybe five good years left or a younger player on the verge of breaking out.”

Without a home, it will be hard to attract talent, but it is still good to see them trying. Who knows, maybe all this adversity will build character or at least a decent game.

By the way, nothing against the Wizards, but if they end up playing on some high school football field, I really hope they don't have a home game end up on ESPN2's Thursday night soccer match of the week. It just is not worth it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear there are two Argentinians available from West Ham, real cheap......

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder what that OnGoal "Plan B" is after all.

12:59 PM  

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