Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Next Real problem - Pollution

As if the recent remarks about the future of Real Salt Lake's stadium were not bad enough, a new one popped up last night.

"Salt Lake County District Attorney Lohra Miller surprised the Salt Lake County Council on Tuesday when she announced that part of the land designated for the $110 million stadium may be tainted by petroleum, oil and other waste. "

The future home of Real had waste-oil storage drums stored on the property, and construction debris and other trash dumped there, but the big worry is a 1,000-gallon underground petroleum storage tank.

They will need to remove this tank and test the soil around it to discover if any leaking has accorded. If it has, the cleanup could cost millions and will delay and building on the site.

Under the proposed deal, the county would own the land under the stadium, but the county wants Real to indemnify them against any future environmental problems. Needless to say, Real is not jumping at the chance to be responsible for such messes.

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