Thursday, January 11, 2007

FC Dallas looking to bring in their own Beckham

The designated player rule might get a second taker soon as FC Dallas is looking to sign Dutch international Edgar Davids (pictured) from Tottenham.

Davis transferred to Tottenham in August 2005 and has played 40 matches since then. However, he has not been used as much this season, so the team has said that they are willing to let the midfielder leave.

Thus enters FC Dallas, who is managed by former Arsenal midfielder Steve Morrow.

"We are actually in negotiations with Edgar Davids - we've been speaking for a couple of weeks," said Morrow.

"We were excited to hear about his availability, so we spoke to his agents and have been told he is available."

Davis is still a strong player, but his real value might be in his ability to help train younger players, who he often spends time working with after practices.

He will not get the coverage or the salary of Beckham, but he could be a wonderful fit for the club. He would bring experience and leadership to the club, plus take a look at those goggles. Wow.

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