Friday, January 12, 2007

2007 Draft, who did best

With the 2007 MLS draft in the books, we can start looking at which club did the best with their picks. Truth be told, we will not know for sure till sometime around 2010, but lets take a look.

Big winner - Colorado Rapids
Nico Colaluca is going to bring something nice to their midfield and Greg Dalby is a great add to their defense. Talking about defense, the Greg Vanney pick up from FC Dallas is another wonderful add. Colorado is going to have strength in their back and creativity in the middle.

Winners - FC Dallas, Toronto FC, Kansas City, New York, Chicago
All of these teams found players that are going to either plug holes in their current squads or will accent players already on the roster.

Flatline - New England, DC United, LA, Chivas USA
New England and DC were picking for the future. They have some players that in a couple of years will make an impact, but short term will not. All of LA's three second round picks seemed to be designed for future trades. Chivas did great with their first pick (John Cunliffe), but the rest were so-so.

Losers - Real Salt Lake, Houston Dynamo
This is the odd thing, both Real and Houston got good players, but they don't really fix any of the holes on their teams. Real got a fantastic keeper in Chris Seitz, but the one thing they don't really need is a keeper.

For Houston, they don't have as many holes to fill, but the John Hayden pick is a little odd. He's good, but he is not the best they could have done (Greg Dalby and Nate Norman were still available).

Big loser - Columbus Crew
Did they forget today was draft day? To be fair, they really didn't have a chance as they only had three picks with two of them coming in the fourth round. Brad Evans is a good get, even if he was hurt during the combine, but the lack of picks means they are going to need to do some trading to make something out of all this.



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