Monday, December 11, 2006

Adu is gone

Freddy Adu is no longer a member of DC United, but it is not Manchester United or Chelsea that will soon see the young star playing for them, instead, Adu will call Salt Lake home.

United traded Adu and the rights to goalkeeper Nick Rimando to Real in exchange for goalkeeper Jay Nolly, a major allocation and future considerations, including a share of any future replacement allocation money attributed to Adu, should he be transferred.

If you were looking for a sign that Adu will leave MLS next season, this is about the best one you are going to get. I look at this move much like FC Dallas sending Eddie Johnson to KC last off season. Dallas took a risk that Johnson would, one, be going to the World Cup and two, if he had a good showing be off to Europe or if he had a bad showing not recover well. They were right.

United is building a team for a full season and with Adu gone for the U-20 World Cup in June (and maybe some time with the senior team) and likely off to Europe soon after, it just makes sense.

Jay Nolly is not a major add, but the allocation spot and a portion of the Adu transfer fee is worth plenty.

For their troubles, Real now has a great marketing player that is bound to up their attendance. In addition, Adu will rejoin his former U-17 coach in John Ellinger, meaning that he should continue to develop as a player. The question for me is how will Jeff Cunningham react to not being the big dog at the club. I like Cunningham, but he likes being the star.

Although Adu will get all the stories, Rimando finds himself in an interesting spot. Scott Garlick is a good keeper, but he is not a lock on the number one spot like DC's Troy Perkins. If Rimando has a few strong outings, he too might get some extra playing time or even become a starter.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd argue that Nolly is a better prospect as an MLS keeper than Rimando is right now and that I much rather have Nolly at 30-40,000, than Rimando at anything over 50,000 which I'm sure he makes.

In the end, a good move for both sides. I also think Adu will be in MLS until he is 19 or 20 and is appearing regularly for the Nat'l Team (if he's appearing ragularly for the Nat'l Team). His trial did not go that well... Euro teams want him to market to the US, but his price tag will be too high for a marketing tool that makes spot appearances for the full team.

Just my thoughts...

9:50 PM  

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