Monday, November 27, 2006

New York trades Guevara for designated player spot

The stormy relationship between the team from New York and Amado Guevara has come to a close as the Red Bulls have traded him to Chivas USA. The interesting thing is they did so for Chivas's designated player slot (DPS) and a third-round draft pick.

The DPS is what allows MLS teams to bring in big names like Beckham, Ronaldo, etc. Each team gets one, but they can trade it if they want. New York now has two spots. With all the Red Bull money, these two spots and the biggest market in America, it is safe to say someone is coming to town.

Guevara was the center of New York's team for a few years, so his departure is not minor news. He is getting a bit older, but he was still able to score a hat trick in the Bulls final regular season game against KC. Those three goals gave the team the points needed to advance to the playoffs.

"Amado is a tremendous player and his contribution to our team in the past has been undeniable," said Red Bulls coach Bruce Arena. "However, in the long run, by acquiring a second designated player slot as well as a third-round draft pick, it provides us the opportunity and mechanisms to improve our team over the next couple of years."

Guevera never really got along with Alexi Lalas (former New York/current LA GM) and there was a lot of talk that he would not be back for the 2006 season. However, he did return saying that all was fine now. Many wondered what had changed and then Red Bull announced their purchase of the team. Maybe the two were somehow connected.

Guevera will now reunite with coach Bob Bradley. When Bradley coached him in New York, they seemed to get along alright as Bradley gave him lots of space in the middle. It will be interesting to see how he works into Chivas's system.



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