Thursday, December 07, 2006

Klinsmann is NOT the new king

Put the Champaign back in the fridge and cancel your order for German flags. J├╝rgen Klinsmann has taken himself out of consideration for the US coaching job.

It seems like only two days ago some were crowning him king, but what do you know, some of were wrong.

The new rumor is that Chivas USA coach Bob Bradley will take over on an interim basis. If this is true, and who knows if it is, it shows the extent of the shock Klinsmann's departure has caused. This whole selection process, US Soccer Boss Sunil Gulati has stressed that they do not want a caretaker coach. I've heard him in interviews stress how that would not be what is best for the team.

If Gulati does declare Bradley interim coach, he will have some serious questions to answer.

This is not a knock against Bradley. He is an excellent coach and he will bring much to the table. However, Gulati has been building everyone towards a Klinsmann announcement. By not going with him, or someone with his 'star power', he has opening the door to the 'why not' question.

The SI article points to some of the reasons behind the 'why not.'

"Klinsmann and USSF president Sunil Gulati apparently are far apart on issues of executive control over the U.S. program, which is more of an issue than money. It was earlier reported that Klinsmann was looking for a deal of as much as $2 million a year."

Only a few people know all the reasons, but when I read that my mind went back to Bruce Arena saying Gulati is a micromanager.

Anyway, if it is to be Bradley, let it be so. He did wonders for Chivas (and any other club he has lead), so let's see what he can do for the red, white and blue.

Now let's play some soccer.



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