Thursday, November 16, 2006

Reading looking at Eddie Johnson, O'Brien wants to stay in Dallas

Just about every American's favorite new EPL side Reading is trying to line up a trial for the Kansas City Wizards' Eddie Johnson (pictured).

If Reading does end up signing Johnson from MLS, he would experience a reunion with his U-20 national team roommate Bobby Convey.

Johnson has been wanted a move for a while now, but his poor performance since his 2005 injury has dimmed his star. That said, the way he was scoring goals before the injury is always going to attract attention. Also, Johnson's poor play might have to do with him being bored in America. Perhaps a move to a tougher league would bring out the old Johnson.

If Johnson does sign with Reading, he would also join fellow American Marcus Hahnemann. This move would also move Reading ahead of Fulham in the race to have the most Americans on a team (unless Fulham gets the Gooch).

Meanwhile, back in America, Ronnie O'Brien's agent says that stories of his wanting to be traded are not true. He specifically said a move to Toronto has not been agreed to.

O'Brien has never seemed very happy in Dallas, but maybe with the coaching situation in flux, he is waiting to see who gets that job before deciding on his future. Or maybe, as some have commented, his agent is just saying he wants to stay to up his future salary.

On a side note, the picture Matchnight uses in the link kind of explains their feelings on O'Brien don't you think?



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