Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Toronto FC gets ready for expansion draft

On Friday Toronto FC will get to select 10 players from the other teams around the league to play for the team. Today, the other 12 MLS clubs had to submit the names of players they were protecting from the draft. Each team got to protect 11 people out of their 28-member roster.

Toronto will get to select any 10-players from the list below; however, they can only pick one player from any team.

The names that stand out for me on the list are John O'Brien (Chivas), Clint Mathis (Colorado), Roberto Mina (FCD) Bo Oshoniyi (KC) Zach Thornton (KC), Cobi Jones (LA) Joe Franchino (NE), Edson Buddle (NY), Tony Meola (NY), Scott Garlick (Salt Lake), Jason Kreis (Salt Lake)

Anyway you look at it, Toronto is going to have a good goalkeeper. There are a number of good choices and it will be interesting to see which way they go. I'm really surprised to see Buddle and Franchino on the list. Buddle did not have a great year, but he was still on of the better spots on the Red Bull line up. Franchino is the Revs current captain and is great on crosses. I would be surprised to not see him in Canada next season.

Anyway, here is the list of players open to Toronto:

Chicago Fire
Bedrossian, Pascal
Brown, C.J.
Capano, Craig
Carr, Calen
Curtin, Jeff
Franks, Floyd
Griffin, Leonard
Gutierrez, Diego
Jaqua, Nate
Johnson, Ryan
Mahoney, David (GK)
Montz, Jared
Plotkin, Brian
Russolillo, Jordan
Ruud, Adam
Sanneh, Tony
Thornton, Zach (GK)
Thorrington, John
Ughiovhe, Idris

Chivas USA
Arias, Esteban
Borja, Carlos
Burpo, Preston (GK)
Corona, Rene
Garcia, Johnny
Helm, Drew
Llamosa, Carlos
Lopez, Rodrigo
Morales, Jesus
Muñoz, Mike
O'Brien, John
Perez, Orlando
Regan, Tim
Robles, Eder
Sanchez, Estuardo
Taylor, Matt
Whitfield, Brent

Colorado Rapids
Clark, Colin
Crawford, Matt
Denton, Eric
Gargan, Dan
Gonzalez, Luchi
Gotsmanov, Sasha
Harvey, Jordan
Jordan, Matt (GK)
Keel, Stephen
King, Aaron
Kirovski, Jovan
Mathis, Clint
Nkong, Alain
Noel, Fabrice
Petke, Mike
Tarley, Melvin

Columbus Crew
Becerra, Ivan
Burch, Marc
Busch, Jon (GK)
Cameron, Knox
Coiner, Ryan
Gaudette, Bill (GK)
Hendrickson, Ezra
Kotschau, Ritchie
Leitch, Chris
Moss, Brandon
Palmer, Noah (GK)
Pierce, Rusty
Retiz, Jose
Rozental, Sebastian
Vasquez, Eric
Walker, Jonny (GK)

FC Dallas
Burse, Ray (GK)
Cassar, Jeff (GK)
Dello-Russo, Michael
Gbandi, Chris
Goodson, Clarence
Mina, Roberto
Moore, Justin
Oduro, Dominic
Pitchkolan, Aaron
Rhine, Bobby
Smith, Alex
Valakari, Simo
Vanney, Greg
Wagenfuhr, David
Yi, Alex

D.C. United
Carroll, Jeff
Deroux, Stephen
Donnet, Matias
Dyachenko, Rod
McIntosh, Ryan (GK)
McTavish, Devon
Mediate, Domenic
Metcalf, Andy
Moose, Justin
Nickell, Matthew
Prideaux, Brandon
Rimando, Nick (GK)
Simms, Clyde
Ssejjemba, Robert
Stokes, David
Walker, Jamil
Wilson, John

Houston Dynamo
Aloisi, Chris
Chabala, Mike
Goldthwaite, Kevin
Gray, Kelly
Holden, Stuart
Hutton, Martin
Lanes, Aaron
Moloi, Mpho
Nash, Julian
Serioux, Adrian
Storey, Marcus
Waibel, Craig
Wells, Zach (GK)
Wondolowski, Chris

Kansas City Wizards
Groenwald, Matt
Hesmer, Will (GK)
Kronberg, Eric (GK)
McMahen, Ryan
Oshoniyi, Bo (GK)
Raad, Sergei
Raybould, Ryan
Roberts, Brian
Shirley, Stephen
Van Den Bergh, Dave
Wahl, Tyson
Watson, Lance
Zotinca, Alex

Los Angeles Galaxy
Enfield, Michael
Gardner, Josh
Glinton, Gavin
Gonzalez, Guillermo
Gordon, Alan
Hansen, Joshua
Jones, Cobi
Martino, Kyle
Miglioranzi, Stefani
Nagamura, Paulo
Randolph, Michael
Saunders, Joshua (GK)
Veris, Kyle

New England Revolution
Abundis, Jose Manuel
Brown, Kyle
Cancela, Jose
Franchino, Joe
Galik, Jani
Gonzalez, Miguel
Haggerty, Patrick
Hernandez, Daniel
John, Avery
Larentowicz, Jeff
Leonard, Marshall
Oka, Arsene
Riley, James
Tomasso, T.J. (GK)
Warren, Doug (GK)
Williamson, Adam
Wynn, Danny

New York Red Bulls
Behonick, Michael (GK)
Buddle, Edson
Camp, Blake
Canero, Peter
Graham, Taylor
Henderson, Chris
Jolley, Steve
Kuykendall, Shawn
Laventure, Jerrod
Lisi, Mark
Meola, Tony (GK)
O'Rourke, Danny
Vide, Joseph
Wolyniec, John

Real Salt Lake
Acosta, Adam
Akwari, Nelson
Besagno, Jacob
Broome, Paul
Brown, Chris
Cutler, Kenny
Garlick, Scott (GK)
Gil, Brian
Harrison, Chase
Hashimoto, Duke
Kreis, Jason
Nolly, Jay (GK)
Novak, Kevin
Sequeira, Douglas
Trembly, Seth
Williams, Andy
Worthen, Joey

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Anonymous Susan said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Toronto won't take Tony Sanneh from the Fire. I know that he's a bit older, but so cool, confident, & capable that it doesn't matter.

10:10 AM  
Blogger Mike H said...

It is interesting to see what older players teams decided to not protect. I'm guessing that some of has to do with playing the odds (will Toronto really go after an injury prone Sanneh over a Bobbby Rhine who is younger and can play both forward and defender), but they wouldn't put him up if they weren't afraid to lose him.

I feel the same way about Columbus putting every goalie they have on the list. They know Toronto is only going to take one goal (with all odds), so why not take the risk and protect some of your field players.

We'll see Friday if it all pays off.

11:59 AM  
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