Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"How you doing Cory Gibbs?" the interview

One of the sadder pre-Germany days for US soccer fans this year was May 26th when Cory Gibbs (pictured) was ruled out of the World Cup due to a knee injury suffered against Morocco on May 23rd.

Gibbs was going to be a major part of Bruce Arena's backline, but instead ended up watching the games from home.

But what has Gibbs, who signed with the EPL's Charlton Athletic shortly before the injury, been up to since that day in May? US Soccer Players has the answers.

The interview covers a lot of ground, but the two questions that stuck out most for me were:

(The EPL) "already seems a lot different than your variety of experiences in Germany and Holland during your career?"

"Looking ahead with the U.S. national team, you'll be one of the veterans now since guys like Claudio Reyna and Brian McBride are retired from international play. What do you expect of the team going forward?"

The answers to these questions show that Gibbs is a player who is ready to play with the best and wants to push himself everyday to be better. This is the type of player US soccer needs to be promoting.

By the way, they also ask him about whom he thinks should be the next US manager, but his reply is what you've heard from just about everyone.

Hopefully Gibbs will recover soon and be able to help save his club from relegation (they currently sit in last place with just 3 points from 7 matches).



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