Wednesday, August 16, 2006

MLS Week 20 Power Ratings

Almost all the teams have seen MLS action since the last rankings. It seems there are some teams showing renewed signs of life while others are fading to black. All and all, the great teams are easy to separate from the good who are a little harder to pick apart from the bad. Anyway, here is the power rating.

1. DC United (last rank - 1) - They have not played since the last rankings, so not much has changed. However, when last we saw them in action, they were on a bit of a slide. Will the time off have revived them or scattered them? If their performance against Real Madrid is any indication, they will be sitting in the number one spot for some time to come.

2. Houston Dynamo (3) - They have out played their last two opponents, but without De Rosario, they could not get a goal against LA. Still, their play was solid as was shown against FC Dallas. If they continue to play this way, there is going to be a race for the West.

3. FC Dallas (2) - Their injury problem is getting better, but they might have developed a bad Kenny Cooper habit. They seem to think that he can defeat any team on his own. Once they learn to support him, they will return to their winning ways.

4. Chivas USA (5) - Their luck is starting to catch up with their skill meaning that LA might have a new 'super power.' However, this year being the 'super power' of LA might not be able to get you the cup, but it should get you in the playoffs.

5. Colorado Rapids (4) - The hot and cold play was on display this week as they got laughed at by visitors Real Salt Lake but then managed to hold a one goal lead for a full 49-minutes against LA. This team has some talent, but I still wonder where their scoring is going to come from with Dedi Ben Dayan off to Israel.

6. New England Revolution (7) - The Revolution are another team that is lacking offense. The last time they scored more then 1 goal in a match was July 4th and they still lost 2-3. Lucky for them, their defense has been able to hold teams, or else they would be sitting much lower. If they can figure out things up top, then this team will be able to ride.

7. Los Angeles Galaxy (6) - The Galaxy got some luck against Houston, but could not get a result with better play against Colorado. The midfield holes that were shrinking right after the Yallop hire seem to be growing again.

8. New York Red Bull (8) - The Bulls have been off since the last ranking, well other then that showing against Barcelona. They looked alright in the first half but fell to crap in the second. However, that matters not as Barcelona is not yet part of the MLS. The era of the Bruce starts tonight, let's see what New York can do now that they have a stadium and an Arena.

9. Real Salt Lake (10) - For the first time in their history, Real Salt Lake scored four goals in a single MLS match. But this bit of history is made that much better when you look how it happened. Offense was strong, the midfield was working full tilt and the defense held. This might also be the first match where RSL did all those things at the same time.

10. Kansas City Wizards (12) - Finally the midfield woke up for the Wizards. With their midline do more then watching the game, they were able to feed balls through and keep counter attacks to a minimum. What do you know, the constant pressure paid off.

11. Chicago Fire (9) - It seems the club cannot win at home. It looked like they were going to get out with a lucky tie, but refs will be refs and missed calls can be made-up. Anyway, they will need get some strike force and fast or they will be like Columbus come October - a great home but no games to be played in it.

12. Columbus Crew (11) - Wow, the wheels, shocks, crank shaft, muffler, gas tank, spark plugs, windows, doors, a/c, tape deck and cup holders have fallen off this bus. If you cannot make more then three passes in a row, you will never come close to winning a game.

Don't forget the US Soccer Carnival part IV.



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