Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blogroll additions

I want to take a moment and welcome a few blogs to my blogroll. The Fool's Prerogative gives the 'utter truths' that people such as myself are afraid to say. He is also the host of the third carnival of American soccer blogs.

New York Red Bulls focuses on the lovable losers that are the Red Bulls of New York. Sadly, Grant does not have access to sport sites at his job so we will all have to wait to hear his take on the Bruce Arena hire.

Down the coast a bit, DC Sun Devil focuses on New York's hated enemy DC United. Brain's thoughts on Bruce going to New York are right there for all to read and he even gives Arena a new nickname.

The Soccer Locker is a catchy name for a site that focuses on World soccer.

Football UK is all the news out of the UK that is related to this game they call football.

I hope you will find all of these sites of interest.


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