Thursday, July 13, 2006

Chivas USA beat by a bunch of amateurs

Yesterday saw a lot of action in the third round of the US Open Cup. For those who do not know what the Open Cup is, it is a knockout tournament where any team affiliated with the US Soccer Federation can play. Teams include members of the MLS, USL and USASA armature teams. This is very much like the Carling Cup in England.

With that build up, we look at Dallas Roma FC. Roma is an amateur team that includes some former members of MLS clubs and indoor team the Dallas Sidekicks. Just about every member of the team has a full time job and plays with Roma only on the weekend. Yet somehow, they were able to do something amazing and beat a professional team that includes Francisco Palencia, who almost made Mexico's World Cup squad and Ante Razov, who just yesterday was named to the MLS All-Star team.

Razov didn't get to see the whole match after he was sent off in the 57th minute. Roma was able to keep the score tied at zero through overtime by playing with all 11 players on their side of the pitch, and take it to penalty kicks where their goalie, Jessie Llamas, came up big by blocking Chivas's first shot taken by Palencia. He then made another save against Chivas's third attempt, which was taken by Jesse Marsch. For Roma, they were able to bury every shot they took and ended up winning 4-2 on penalty kicks.

This marks the first time a USASA team has made it past the third round. They now have till August 2 to prepare for last year's Open Cup Champions, the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Although Roma was the biggest upset, there was one other bit of a surprise as the USL Development League's Carolina Dynamo beat the USL 1st Division's Seattle Sounders 3-2. Forward Darryl Roberts's winning goal came in the second overtime period. The Sounders have not been playing that great this year, but it is still a bit of a surprise.

In other matches, Columbus Crew (MLS) beat Michigan Bucks (USL-Dev) 4-1, Wilmington Hammerheads (USL-2) beat Atlanta Silverbacks (USL-1) 2-1, KC Wizards (MLS) needed a late Scott Sealy goal to beat Des Moines Menace (USL-Dev) 2-1, Rochester Raging Rhinos (USL-1) stomped New Hampshire Phantoms (USL-2) 5-1, Real Salt Lake (MLS) was able to pull out a victory over Virginia Beach Mariners (USL-1) 2-1 and Charleston Battery (USL-1) beat Portland Timbers (USL-1) 3-1.

The tournament resumes with the fourth round on August 2.


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