Friday, April 21, 2006

What is Mexico's World Cup roster worth?

The 26 players on Mexico's World Cup squad make an average of $2.9 million dollars, meaning the total value is $76 million.

Here is the break down by players:

Defender Rafael Marquez, who plays for Spanish side Barcelona, is the most expensive player with a 12 million dollar contract. The second priciest player is Francisco Fonseca, from Mexico's Cruz Azul, with a six milion dollar contract.

In descending order, the remaining players in the list are: Guadalajara forward Omar Bravo, five million dollars; defenders Carlos Salcido, of Guadalajara and Ricardo Osorio, Cruz Azul, on four million dollars each.

Jared Borgetti, rated the best Mexican forward of all time, who plays for English team Bolton, is worth two million dollars, while forward Guillermo Franco, an Argentine who has naturalized himself as a Mexican, but plays for Spanish team Villareal, costs three million dollars.

The cheapest player is Claudio Suarez, who has a $500,000 contract with United States team Chivas.

It is always interesting to get some sort of confirmation about MLS player's pay. Anyway, their 2002 team was worth about $26.8 million, or about a third of the current crop.


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