Thursday, February 02, 2006

Nazi supporters caught

The 11 suspects suspected of displaying nazi symbols (pictured) during AS Roma's weekend match have been caught.

Interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu said "four or five" of the 11 faced charges under a law banning hate crimes including the glorification of the Nazi and Fascist regimes.

Although I don't think this will change the thoughts of those who full their minds with nazi crap, I do think it will help reduce their ability to disrupt and disgust the beautiful game by keeping them out of the stadium.

By the way, these folks were not just putting this crap on display for affect; they truly have hate in them. Members of the group to which these 11 belong were seen in 2004 asking Roma fans to join a petition aimed at securing the release of SS war criminal Erik Priebke, one of those responsible for Italy's worst WWII atrocity.

The group has ties to another group that is an ally of Benito Mussolini's granddaughter Alessandra Mussolini (this other group says they had nothing to do with the display).

Due to these actions, Roma will have to play their next home match at a neutral site without any fans present. Roma plans on suing the group for lost revenue.

Many have asked why the ref did not stop the game, but under the law, it was up to the police to decide if the game should proceed. Also, the police had the right to remove the flags, but decided against it because they feared doing so would bring on violence. Just so you know how disgusting these people are, they also had a banner up that read "Lazio And Livorno, Same Initials, Same Oven." Lazio is a cross-city rival while Livorno was the team Roma was playing.

I am happy to see action taken here.


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