Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sudanese women finally get to play soccer

After years of prohibition, Sudan is finally allowing women to play soccer publicly. This comes as very good news for all the women who love the world's game.

After five years of playing her first love soccer behind closed doors in Sudan where Islamic laws restricted female sports, Sara Edward is finally playing a match against other women in public.

Dressed in shorts and a T-shirt with no head covering, sweating 19-year-old Edward is the captain of the "Challenge" soccer team which is among six teams of young women who have battled to break traditional values in Sudan and hope to form a national competitive team.


Women in Khartoum in the past were forced cover their heads and wear long skirts. But the appropriately named Challenge team refuse to wear those clothes.

Since the end of the long civil war, societal restrictions on women have been relaxed. Amongst other things, the new constitution protects the religious rights of all.

However, even with the right to play, they are still facing a challenge when it comes to funding as the Sudanese football association has yet to donate money to the women's team. This has resulted in a lack of uniforms and poor playing facilities.

However, the coach of Sudan University hopes to expand the women's game. "I want to collect the girls and form five-a-side teams to expand the sport," he said. "People can see now that girls can play football in Sudan."


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