Wednesday, February 01, 2006

MLS 2006 Championship heading back to Dallas

In a not so shocking move, MLS announced today that the 2006 championship game would return to the home field of FC Dallas. Last year's game was a big success, so why not do it again.

I can't say I'm to surprised by this since Dallas offers a really great pitch in a sunny climate (game is Nov. 12). The news that I am a little surprised about is that the field will also host the kickoff match for the season. FC Dallas will take on the Chicago Fire live on ABC sports on April 1.

I would think that the LA - New England game would be the bigger draw due to it being a rematch of last year's title game and the fact that both Twellman and Donovan would be on the field, but I guess they decided to go another route.

Anyway, Pizza Hut Park is quickly becoming example number one for the MLS in their sales pitch to build new stadiums. After one year of operation it will have hosted a MLS final, a large-scale soccer competition and various international games. Not bad at all. Let's just hope that this year they don't run out of pizza during the final.


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