Friday, January 27, 2006

Canada scores in 4 seconds; Toronto to host big final in 2007

Canadian soccer seems to be heading to the record books thanks to Kara Lang (pictured). The 19-year-old scored a goal four seconds into their game against Mexico. Four seconds!

"Jodi-Ann Robinson tapped the ball to Lang at the opening kickoff and Lang hoofed it 50 yards down the field - and over the Mexican goalie's head."

This appears to be the quickest goal scored where there is proof (video) of it happening. By the way, Lang plays her college games for UCLA.

In other news, Toronto will host the final match of the 2007 Under-20 World Championship. Toronto beat out Edmonton for the honor. This game will be watch by about 800 million people worldwide.

Needless to say, folks in Edmonton are a little confused by the choice. They don't understand why the game would go to a city with a 20,000-seat stadium when their filed (Commonwealth Stadium) can hold 50,000.

Anyway, the final will be at the same stadium that will be the home to the Toronto MLS team.


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