Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Champions League Round 6 - Day 2 - Live

Club Brugge 1-1 Bayern Munich FT
Rapid Vienna 1-3 Juventus FT
Arsenal 0 - 0 Ajax FT
Sparta Prague 0 - 0 FC Thun FT

Udinese 0 - 2 Barcelona FT
Werder Bremen 5-1 Panathinaikos FT
Benfica 2-1 Man Utd FT
Villarreal 1 - 0 Lille FT

Update 8: Benfica win. Man U is out of the Champions league.

Update 7: Barcelona get a second.

Update 6: Ezquerro puts Barcelona ahead and Udinese out of the knockout round. Frings adds a 5th for Bremen.

Update 5: Could the era of Man U be about to end. Only a couple minutes left. If the loose, a large source of income will go with them.

Update 4: Petras gets a red card for Sparta.

Update 3: Udinese is playing for the tie. If they tie, they go to the knockout round. Benfica still have Man U under control. Man U is having real trouble on the counter attacks.

Update 2: Man U almost gave up a second goal on a counter attack. They are fighting hard for the win, but don't seem to be able to get the numbers forward.

Update: Guayre gets the goal for Villarreal to put them up.

Coming into this a little late, but here are the scores. Man U is in big trouble.


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