Tuesday, December 06, 2005

So the USA is not seeded; It's okay

I have noticed on various blogs and other related soccer sites that a lot of US fans are upset over the team not getting seeded. Let me just say, it is all going to be okay. It would have been great if we were one of the top group teams, but just because we are not, does not mean that we are set to fail. Also, if we had got a seed, it doesn't mean that we will have an easy ride.

Let's say the numbers had gone just right and the US had got in instead of Italy or Argentina. We still could have drawn a group with Paraguay (or Argentina), the Netherlands and Japan. That would be a difficult group. In our current position, we could end up with Spain, Angola and Ukraine. These are good sides, but they are also three teams we should beat.

The fact is there are no easy World Cup games. A seeding is nice as it means you won't have to see Brazil in the group stage, but beyond that, it doesn't say much.

There is also an advantage to having a big dog like Brazil or England in your group. Just as the odds are against you in beating them, they are also against the other teams in your group. That means that you just have to take care of the other two sides and then you are in. Also, big teams seem to bring out the best in their opponents. Even a defeat can spur a team on during their other matches.

All and all, the US is a good team and should do well next summer. So don't worry about the seeding because there is nothing we can do about it now.


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